When I Need Glasses There is Only One Place I Will Shop

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the RE XLRs I purchased yesterday and the service surrounding their sale. I was very pleased to see you happened to have pretty much the exact selection of lenses I wanted for the frame I preferred. The gentleman that helped me with the sale, I believe his name was Gregor, was extremely friendly and helpful and offered to have the one lens set you didn't have sent directly to me, to save me a trip back. When I need glasses in the future, for shooting or otherwise, there is only one place I'll shop.

William J. Nielson,

The Spectacle Is the Place That Has No Equal

The Spectacle is brilliant and Wick is the added bonus. As soon as [Wick] and I started talking "shop" about eyewear, you could feel the love of his work in his words. Wick is a walking dictionary in the fine art of eyewear. I have bought eyewear from all over, but The Spectacle is the place that has no equal. I make it a point to stop in when I come to Raleigh from Maui. There simply is no other shop like it and I always see a "must have", whenever I drop in.

Douglas M.,

Glasses Are Beautiful Pieces of Art

At 43, I had a prescription for my very first glasses ever. I happened to be at North Hills and stopped in The Spectacle and spoke with Wick, the owner. What a great time I had. Wick is truly gifted with fitting the perfect glasses to the face. All of the glasses in his store are beautiful pieces of art in the first place, but he has such a talent of knowing what will be the most complimentary. Sadly, he doesn’t take my insurance and the pair I wanted would have been over $700, which was cost prohibitive for me. Wick understood this and not for one moment was he anything but understanding and respectful of my budget. We parted amicably. I have to advise anyone with money and in need of glasses to go to The Spectacle and The Spectacle only.

Amy C.,