Lens Technology


Superior Optics & Prescription Glasses in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC

At The Spectacle we pride ourselves in fitting your new frames with the perfect corrective digital lenses, so you can have the ultimate clear vision. We can fill your prescription at pin point precision with digital lens technology. Our on staff licensed optician will design your lenses whether you’re near sighted or far sighted.

Digital Lenses & Progressive Lenses at The Spectacle

Eyeglasses have come a long way since your mom and dad’s bifocals. Many people still have bifocal lenses, which show a line where the change in corrective vision takes place for any up-close reading situation. Bifocals do not work for any arm length tasks, like trying to see dashboards, computers, or shelves. Now, with digital lens technology, we can smooth the transition with a truly superior progressive lens. The new digital Progressive lenses allow for a smooth transition for situational focus adjustments, without the obvious line in the lens, and without any harsh visual jump. Now your glasses have turned from an obviously lined symbol of “getting old” to a fashion statement and the greatest vision and function for every situation. If you want more information about this wonderful new technology, click on the Shamir link.